Title:  Senior Executive - Industrial Engineering

Job Requisition ID:  5395

Sri Lanka

Strategic Business Unit:  Key Accounts Group 1
About the Company and Job Details: 

About Brandix

At Brandix, a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s Apparel industry, we develop, manufacture and market end to end apparel solutions for world renowned brands. With a purpose to deliver Inspired Solutions through Inspired People, we have a team of over 60,000 employees across nine countries including India, Bangladesh, Haiti and the United Kingdom. On a journey to be the most sustainable apparel manufacturer in the region, Brandix embeds real change across every point of our operations as we care for our planet and the communities in which we serve.

Key purpose of the Job

The Front End Industrial Engineer carries out Industrial Engineering activities in the product development phase. Key responsibilities include carrying out costing calculations and preparation and maintenance of records and documentation.  
Additionally, the role-holder also maintains required documentation and prepares GSD breakdown for handover to Plant teams 

Key Responsibilities:

1. Participate in product development activities to understand and analyse new styles  
2. Responsible for accurate computation of key calculations like SMV, Thread consumption for different stages of Product Development and costing support   
3. Attend pre-production discussions, ensure effective communication of technical details of new styles to Plant IE teams, and coordinate with Plant IE on achievement of production efficiencies  


Bachelor’s Degree in Diploma in Industrial Engineering/ Clothing Technology with GSD Licence


2-4+ years of experience in Industrial Engineering


1. Driving Vision and Change
TC - Knowledge of GSD and IE Concepts (P2)
TC - Knowledge of Sewing Techniques (P2)
TC - Functional IT and Digital Skills (P1)
TC - Integrated Apparel Value Chain Perspective (P1)
TC - Fabric Know-how (P1)
2. Exciting & Engaging Customers
3. Inspiring Employees
4. Driving Results

This is an Equal Opportunity Company