Title:  Executive - Risk Management

Job Requisition ID:  6225

Sri Lanka

Strategic Business Unit:  Brandix Center
About the Company and Job Details: 

About Brandix

At Brandix, a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s Apparel industry, we develop, manufacture and market end to end apparel solutions for world renowned brands. With a purpose to deliver Inspired Solutions through Inspired People, we have a team of over 60,000 employees across nine countries including India, Bangladesh, Haiti and the United Kingdom. On a journey to be the most sustainable apparel manufacturer in the region, Brandix embeds real change across every point of our operations as we care for our planet and the communities in which we serve.

Key purpose of the Job

The role supports the Chief Risk Officer/Risk Managers in managing risk for Brandix Group. Responsibilities include implementing enterprise risk management, coordinating with Risk Champions, monitoring risks quarterly, and ensuring alignment with the Board's risk appetite. 

The role also involves consolidating and discussing enterprise-level risks with the Executive Board, conducting risk maturity assessments, and reviewing risks in major projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Support the Risk Management lead in deploying enterprise risk management framework across the group.
  2. Monitor and ensure each business units operate within the Board Defined Risk Appetite.
  3. Assist in collating/consolidating enterprise level risks to the main Board
  4. Assist in evaluating the effectives of the implementation of Enterprise Risk management process 
  5. Research external environment for risk affecting risk profile of the organization
  6. Analysis of financial and non-financial information through data analytics tools support evaluation
  7. Liaise with Risk Champions, risk owners and senior management team across the group to ensure effective implementation of the risk management process 
  8. Preparing minutes of Risk committee meetings and follow up of actions plans 


Bachelor's degree in management/ business Administration/ Finance/ Economics or related field
Professional certification on Enterprise Risk Management or related field


1-2 Years of experience in apparel and textile industry, in functions such as Operation / Supply Chain/ Finance
Sound understanding of ERM principles, frameworks, and methodologies
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively communicate complex risk information to various stakeholders
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Strong project management skills


1. Driving Vision and Change
2. Exciting & Engaging Customers
3. Inspiring Employees
4. Driving Results
TC - Internal Audit Management (P1)
TC - Integrated Apparel Value Chain Perspective (P1)
TC - Functional IT and Digital Skills (P1)
TC - Analytical Skills (P1)

This is an Equal Opportunity Company