Title:  Intern

Job Requisition ID:  6450

Rathmalana, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Strategic Business Unit:  Key Accounts Group 2
About the Company and Job Details: 

About Brandix

At Brandix, a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s Apparel industry, we develop, manufacture and market end to end apparel solutions for world renowned brands. With a purpose to deliver Inspired Solutions through Inspired People, we have a team of over 50,000 employees across nine countries including India, Bangladesh, Haiti and the United Kingdom. On a journey to be the most sustainable apparel manufacturer in the region, Brandix embeds real change across every point of our operations as we care for our planet and the communities in which we serve.

Key purpose of the Job

As the Merchandising Intern, you will report to the Merchandising Manager. Your responsibilities include ensuring that garments are produced and delivered on time in accordance with approved designs and quality standards for the buyer.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate the timely execution of orders to meet predefined delivery targets, aiming to delight our customers. 
  2. Manage your Time and Action (T&A) schedules and take responsibility for 100% customer coordination. 
  3. Record and distribute weekly updates, collaborating with the planning team to meet committed delivery deadlines. 
  4. Maintain updated status reports on all orders and strive for a 100% On-Time Delivery (OTD) rate. 
  5. Gain expertise in related processes and systems.


Undergraduates who are specialized in Clothing Technology/Marketing or any other relevant field


Demonstrate effective communication skills with excellent interpersonal and presentation abilities


1. Driving Vision and Change
2. Exciting & Engaging Customers
3. Inspiring Employees
4. Driving Results

This is an Equal Opportunity Company